case study: mapping user journeys for Danfoss to improve the digital employee experience

To help the Digital Employee Experience team at Danfoss plan the next stage of their digital workplace journey Spark Trajectory were engaged to undertake research to identify user stories and map key user journeys centred around everyday tasks.

Producing a series of detailed user journey maps and information, Danfoss is now well-placed to move forward with its digital workplace programme. Global stakeholders are more aligned with a complete picture of how employees complete tasks, while the Digital Employee Experience team have rich information to drive solutions and content which will drive efficiency and engagement.

Improving the digital employee experience at Danfoss

“It’s been a pleasure to work together with Steve and Chris on these User Journeys. They have a lot of knowledge and insight into how users think and act on a Digital Workplace. The User Journeys they have delivered to us have enabled us to pinpoint many of the pain points that our colleagues experience every day when they are trying to solve their daily tasks. Now we are ready to act on these valuable findings and create a better user experience for our colleagues.”

Jørn Nurkka
Senior Communications Advisor, Danfoss

Danfoss is a global manufacturing and engineering company producing a range of products and solutions that promote energy efficiency and comfortable climates in building, and a less wasteful supply of food.

The company is complex, with a highly diverse workforce of 28,000 individuals working across 100 markets and a range of different divisions, some built up through acquisition. With a strong heritage of innovation stretching back to 1933 and a friendly, inclusive culture driven by still being family-owned, Danfoss is committed to providing a strong digital employee experience for its global workforce.

But with multiple locations, a high proportion of blue-collar workers and a complex digital landscape with multiple applications in use, producing a compelling digital workplace is challenging.

Mapping the key user journeys

The very busy Digital Employee Experience team has already delivered a custom-built intranet based but sought external help in order to define the next phase of the digital workplace, focused on helping employees get things done.

The team engaged Spark Trajectory to objectively map and understand the user journeys around some of the most common tasks carried out by employees throughout Danfoss. How did employees use the systems they had to complete everyday tasks? Where were the pain points, what was working well and what opportunities were there to improve?

Understanding user journeys

Working closely with the Digital Employee Experience team, we carried several detailed key stakeholder interviews and over 20 user interviews from all across the world. Recording, codifying and analysing over 25,000 words of interview data resulted in a deep understanding of how employees complete everyday tasks.

We reported back our findings  to the team in a report and presentation with general recommendations. We then went into a deeper analysis identifying hundreds of user stories which were then grouped into 23 major user journey  and categorised into separate ‘super journeys’.

Working closely with the team we then mapped out 18 of these in detail, with process diagrams, reactions to success and failure, opportunities to improve and many more features. Each user journey map, available as an A3 wall chart, also comes with a RACI matrix to drive accountability and governance, as well as a measurement and improvement plan.

Defining the next phase for the digital workplace

Presenting our findings back to the Digital Employee Experience team and then to the cross-functional steering committee, is helping stakeholders to think more holistically about the digital employee experience across different functions and systems. Having authoritative, user-driven data is also helping to drive a consensus on the next steps for the digital workplace. 

Spark Trajectory research has also given the team a very detailed set of actions to improve the intranet and its content that will help users get things done through a personalised, task-based experience. Process and product owners can also optimise the digital employee experience and plug any gaps.