Do you know what tasks your employees need to complete in the digital workplace? Find out.

we map digital workplace user journeys

User stories

Our definitive library of hundreds of user stories covers most of what employees need while we research what makes your organisation different

User tasks

We map where users complete these tasks, how successfully and how they feel about them: frustrated, confused or satisfied

User journeys

We map your employees’ digital experience to understand the path they take between intention and successful task completion

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Stories - “I need to...”:

  • "…stay up to date about what's going on in so I can react to whatever comes up."
  • "…create a presentation so I can communicate my points effectively to people."
  • "…find an expert in something to ask their help or their opinion on something."
  • "…book refreshments for meeting because it is welcoming or goes over lunch."
  • "…book a trip to meet colleagues or customers in another location."
  • "…view or book leave for a vacation."

Tasks - your view:

  • Read a news story
  • Download standard presentation templates
  • Search for skills and experience
  • Book catering
  • Find the best way to get to an office
  • Book leave

Their path - journeys:

  • What’s up journey
  • Telling journey
  • Knowledge journey
  • Meeting journey
  • Travel journey
  • Time, pay and benefits journey

keep the user central to the digital workplace

Define current state

Learn how people engage —or do not engage— with your digital workplace

Identify improvements

Pinpoint essential changes and support those decisions with data

Drive change

Build a unifying and realistic plan for your digital workplace


Unite stakeholders

Bring your stakeholders together around user needs not particular tools or systems

Detail ownership

For each user journey agree who is accountable, who will do the work and who should be consulted

Measure progress

Set out measurement and improvement plans to ensure that your digital workplace initiatives are successful


the right project for you


We look at your digital workplace and work with project team to scope out the project using our user story library and the Task Trajectory Journey Framework to understand the landscape


We conduct qualitative and quantitative remote user research with digital workplace stakeholders and regular employees to get to know how they really get things done


We propose beneficial changes to improve the digital employee experience and help you to position digital workplace user journeys as a critical change management tool